The Bombay in the UK differs significantly from its counterpart in the US, although both are solid black cats of Burmese type. In the US, the Bombay breed was developed from crosses between brown (sable) Burmese and black American Shorthairs. However, in the UK, the Bombay came about in two ways:

In the US, no attempt has been made to breed Self cats of colours other than black, but in the UK, GCCF recognises all colours of Asian Selfs including Caramel, Apricot and Caramel Tortie making 13 colours in total. Asian Selfs are always of full expression colour (e.g. Black as opposed to Brown as seen in Burmese). Any solid coloured kittens showing burmese colour restriction born in Asian litters are registered as Variants and may not be shown (although they can be used in Asian breeding programmes).

Photo on this page by Alan Robinson